ICOIL Audio: June 14, 2006 - The Passing of the Bylaws

Introduction of Call for the Question

Below are audioclips of what happened when the bylaws were passed. The audio clips is a recording made from the original source audio recording of this meeting Clip 1: Starts at beginning of the Bylaw committee report and ends with confusion on who questions are supposed to be addressed to. (committee chair or the council chair) Clip 2: Begins there and ends with passing of the bylaws. See Section of the minutes below.

  1. I was a member of the bylaw committee, who come to the meeting prepared to adopt the bylaws. At the previous bylaw committee meeting when members of the bylaw committee directly asked how I would vote, I answered honestly that at that point I was prepared to vote for the bylaws. I felt forced to answer, I was told the committee meeting was not going to be adjourned unless I was able to express agreement - because of a desire of the bylaw committee for bylaw committee solidarity (which I understood - given all of the prior controversy having committee solidarity seemed reasonable to me). Even still, I felt pressured and extremely uncomfortable when I gave my honest answer. I was asked to let Teresa Mager know if for some reason I changed my mind before the council meeting. I promised I would, but it was awkward and it did not feel right for me to even preliminarily unofficially cast my vote on such a complicated document before I had a chance to sit down and read the final document we had created, (because it had not been typed up yet), or heard what the council had to say.
  2. As a committee member I was mislead to believe that Teresa Mager would read from the list, and then we would go over point by point the items on the list and say which were incorperated were not and why. Further I was lead to believe that as we went down the list the council at large would vote wherever needed on whether a change would be made. (there were several things that came up at the bylaw committee that we decided really needed to be a council vote). I thought we were going to have an opportunity to vote on anything we needed to seperately before we voted to adopt the bylaws with any changes made.
  3. We did not clarify for non-committee members what was incorporated and why or why not, because we had a call to the question. Further, at the time, I didn't even know what a call to the question was or it's proper use and I was not the only confused person. But instead of stopping and making sure everyone knew what was going on, (something that is supposed to happen when there is a call to the question), some members of the council proceeded to force council members to vote on the bylaws without clarifying (as I was lead to believe they would) which suggestions from the list had been incorporated, and which were ignored.
  4. As a bylaw committee member, I had recieved a copy of the list in advance but I still got flustered. Everything happened so quickly, that when it was my turn to cast my vote, I didn't know what to do. I knew I had been mislead, and that I was very uncomfortable with what was going on. Plus I knew there were things in the bylaws that the bylaw committee said they were going to leave up to a council at large vote on. But the council wasn't being given the opportunity to vote on these items. I didn't know what to do so I abstained.

Clip 1: June 14, 2006 - Bylaw Committee report: 27 suggestions and a motion

Clip 2:June 14, 2006 - The Passing of the Bylaws

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Bylaw Committee Report: Teresa Magers chair

Teresa Magers read a list of 27 comments, suggestions, and questions that were received by the bylaw committee and she encouraged members of the bylaw committee to assist her in addressing council questions as they were read, however she also requested that questions be held until she was finished reading the document. She read through the list of concerns. When she was finished she stated that the bylaw committee recommends that you vote to approve the bylaws.

As chair of the Bylaw Committee Teresa Magers made a motion that bylaws be approved.

Motion was seconded [Secretary could not tell by whom person did not identify self]

Teresa Torres expressed concerns that a lot of issues and concerns were raised after the committee met. She indicated she had several questions she wished to address to the bylaw committee and was told that at this point there needed to be council discussion.

With permission, Teresa Torres began by asking her questions of the council. She wanted to know what the emergency was to passing the bylaws, right now, when we have people who are attending their first meeting. She also expressed concern about why the 1999 bylaws were not the bylaws modified. She indicated she would like to have seen a side by side comparison between the 1999 bylaws and the bylaws up for adoption where changes were highlighted.

In response, Teresa Magers: “We were not provided with 1999 bylaws until after we had started the process, but the 1999 bylaws once received were compared side by side with what we had proposed.”

There was a discussion as to why the 1999 bylaws were not used, and Teresa Torres objected to a statement by Teresa Magers, stating that the reason they did not have bylaws was because Teresa Torres was not willing to share a copy of the bylaws unless everyone came to Merrillville.

Teresa Torres objected stating that withholding bylaws was not her intention or her responsibility. There was confusion as people had difficulty deciding who Teresa Torres needed to address her objections too.

This is where Clip 1 ends and Clip 2 begins

Dee Ann Hart stated that though she had not been at the May meeting in question, she remembered that there was a similar statement made in the April meeting that if people were willing to come to Northern Indiana Teresa Torres would be willing to provide them any information on anything they wanted, if they came to Northern Indiana. Teresa then referenced the audio and video tapes, and tried to clarify by saying “I certainly did not mean that I, who was not on the council, was trying to keep from the committee anything.” Teresa said, “The question is, I don’t understand what the emergency is because the format is not done in a matter the council can understand.”

Dee Ann Hart responded that she understood Teresa’s point as well as the committees need to go back to documentation that they were sure they had access too, that was accurate enough to have a starting point and she applauds them on their work.

Melissa Madill addressed the chair saying she wasn’t sure how to do this, given there was a motion already on the floor, but she wanted to make a motion for a small change in the bylaws in article 5 section 9. She wished to change Parliamentary Procedure to Roberts Rules of Order.

There was a short discussion on potential abuse of Roberts Rules. The conclusion was to let the bylaws stand as they are.

Melissa Madill: “Call for the question.”

Teresa Torres tried to ask a question and was told that there was a call for the question.

Ramona Harvey asked what a call for the question was and was ignored.

Teresa Torres tried again: “I’ve got a question and I would like to ask it is that a problem? It is fairly significant to the way that we proceed.”

Melissa Madill: “If we have two thirds vote on call to the question without discussion. You can go ahead and have a vote.”

Ramona Harvey interrupted “What, what… What does that mean? What does call for the question mean?”

Melissa Madill: “Call to the question, it means vote.”

Teresa Torres asked what we were voting on. She clarified that the document which was just read was not the document that was being voted on, and this was misleading.

Teresa Magers replied, “Excuse me, Madam Chair we have a call for the question. That requires action of the voting members.”

Bunch of people talk at once.

Ramona Harvey interjects “I am not really, comfortable with the way things are working right now because…”

Melissa Madill: “We have a call for the question, the chair has a responsibility to call for the vote.”

Ramona Harvey stated that she wanted to go on record that she was not comfortable with the way things were preceding.

Teresa Torres asked which had precedence point of order or call for the question and several people responded call for the question did.

Jodi James acknowledged the call for the question and took the following roll call vote. [Responses on tape unclear as people did not talk into microphones]

Keith Coros: Nay
Ramona Harvey: Abstain
Al Tolbert: Aye
Beth Crain: Abstain
Teresa Torres: Nay
Danny Grissom: Aye
Melissa Madill: Aye
Emas Bennett: Aye
Pat Stewart: Aye
Teresa Magers: Aye
Dee Ann Hart: Aye
Richard Simmers: Nay – Felt should be using 2003 bylaws for the 501c3 Corp.

Jodi James: “That is 2 abstentions, 3 Nays, and 7 Ayes.” Motion carried.

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