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Email sent to Jon Vanator as a follow up to our meetings that had occured on December 5th and 6th. This letter was sent late in the evening on the 6th.

Jon Vanator,

I made it home safely and would like to thank you again for meeting with us regarding ICOIL today and yesterday. I am confident now that you will relay documentable information about the current systemic problems and legal liabilities to the governor.

I will provide you with the documents you have requested as soon as possible. Because I have never met Ms. Ames and don't know what she looks like, I have asked Jodi James to assist me in making sure you have correct information regarding the attendence for the illegally held Sept. gathering. You will recieve the information you requested from me you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, much documentation is already available at: This page also creates a pretty decent time line and (overview from my perspective) of what has currently been going on with ICOIL. From this page you can access the actual ADA complaint against the council. You can see in the July meeting an already bad situation got worse, and hinted at things to come. This was the meeting, chaired by Al Tolbert where I attempted several times to make a motion that our meetings be open to the public, as the law and our bylaws require, and was not allowed and could not get a second. This was also the meeting which I recieved a hard copy of the bylaws to sign from Teresa Mager the chair of the bylaw committee.

Concerned about having closed meetings and wanting to protect myself as well as keep everyone informed, I extracted information from the bylaws which indicated our meetings needed to be open. While waiting for the bubbled version of the bylaws - I think it is important that you read the following information which is some (not all) of the information sent to and correspondence with the council regarding the bylaws and open door on July 18th.

  1. 1) regarding bylaws and the open door -

  2. The correspondence with the Executive committee regarding bylaws that ended up being made public do to consistant and multiple questioning about what was going on....including accusations of me trying to play God. these items are closely related. Note: I requested an Executive Committee meeting because of my concern about the bylaws. After learning about the confusion over multiple state plans, I did not want to be responsible for creating another such situation. For this reason and others Jodi called a meeting. Given my problem, I felt it important to be there in person to show the council the document I was given to sign...and still have. To read about how the EC meeting was nullified you will have to read my minutes for the August meeting or watch the Video. Also, Al Tolberts version of the minutes give a false and misleading version of the secretary's report I officially gave FOR THE RECORD at that meeting. His version which states I said something I did not the video....implies that I was kind of trying to play God with the credence to the harassment I was recieving for trying to do my volunteer job.

Regarding minutes, all versions of minutes and comparison documents are available at As an overview there is only one version of June minutes. The ones I wrote, and the council voted to approve.

I wrote minutes for July and August using source documentation. Al Tolbert modified my minutes for July and August without benefit of any source documentation unless he used the video online at

There is only one version of minutes for the Sept. Gathering which was held despite the fact that it was cancelled in accordance with our bylaws and all policy and procedures ICOIL had in place at the time. As this meeting was legitamately cancelled, and not legitimately held nor open to the public, or compliant with the ADA - I wrote no minutes.

For October and November, there is a split, and two seperate versions of the minutes. This is different then the second version of the July and August min. which are supposed to be modified versions of my minutes. As with the other meetings there is actual video documentation available of these meetings. Also, the written statements Jodi and I attempted to make are readily available.


Again, thank you for meeting with us.

You are of course welcome to attend the next ICOIL meeting scheduled for December 13th, 2006. I am attaching the Agenda for this meeting which has already been sent out by Jodi James the duly elected chair of the council.

You may notice that the second item on the agenda is listening to the people...this is due to a specific request sent to Jodi James as chair, that the entire council was made aware of by e-mail. There are several voting residents from all over Indiana who have come to past meetings and/or have expressed intent to coming to the December meeting. The request was made on their behalf. Unless we hear otherwise in writing on official letterhead with at least 48 hours business days notice (required by open door), I am assuming this meeting will occur next week. If that is the case, I hope you can find time to attend, but if you cannot, I am sure whatever happens at the meeting it will be documented.

I know the situation is very complex, but I am hopeful that we can begin actively working on the systemic problems - of which the current situation is just a symptom. My ultimate goal, in this as I have stated repeatedly to the council, is to improve the situation in Indiana for people like myself with disabilities. To this end, I will continue to tell the truth (whatever it may be). People with disabilities have suffered long enough in Indiana, because the system which is supposed to support them, is malfunctioning and is corrupt in documentable ways.

We do need leadership of people willing to say enough is enough. It is my hope that you and the governor will be willing to provide that leadership.

Thank you for your time, and for listening. I will get the information you requested to you as soon as I can.

Ramona Harvey
Duly Elected ICOIL Secretary

P.S. I have also attached the membership ledger I had attempted to complete. It is based primarily off of self disclosed information of each member. It is by no means complete, but that is largely because getting basic information from councilmembers about how long they have been on the council like pulling teeth. I thought perhaps because you are the one who appoints people to the council you could help me fill in some of the gaps.

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