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June 9th e-mail to the council with subject heading a request and an offer.

Hello everyone,

This e-mail is largely for the CIL directors, but I am unsure which addresses are associated with the directors and which are not....and plus this may be of interest to everyone else as well.

I have decided that what I, Ramona Harvey independent and concerned resident of Indiana would like to travel around the state of Indiana and visit all the centers for Independent Livings and possibly even some cities without CILs. Just to sort of see what is currently going on and what people are doing right now even though funds and resources are limited with regards to IL. I want to see what it working and what successful. I would like to see first hand what the CILs are doing in their communities that is helpful. Not so much focusing on what we could do if there were funding, but what things are we doing...what programs do we have that are successful. I would like to know things like why the center directors originally became involved in IL. I would like to also have an opportunity to talk with CIL staff as well as constituants with disabilities if possible.

Because I myself have a very limited budget and the state of Indiana is not small this is no small task and will require some planning on my part....however, it is not impossible. Though I do have several out of state obligations, I can be flexible Also, during the summer it is easier for me to travel because the weather tends to cooperate. I just have to plan around my obligations.

Right now, I would like to spend some time getting to know and working with my own state (not a region) something I have neglected in the past...I really do care about what happens in Indiana with regards to people with disabilities. I think such an endeaver will be beneficial to me and make me a more knowledgable member of the council. It would really help to be able to look at Indiana as a whole, and not just one area of IN. Any support I can have in getting to know Indiana better is and will be welcomed.

Which brings me to my offer. I would like to openly offer my services as an independent consultant, when I happen to be in your areas to yourselves and or your communities. I am able to provide disability awareness and sensitivity trainings, and in particular enjoying working with youth. I also have an interest in working with churches of any denomination. The churches do not have to be accessible in order for me to work with them. In fact, most churches are not. If you know of anyone whom I might be of service to in your area, let me know and we can work out details.

I do hope that I can work out the details that would allow me to be able to take this trip, and I look forward to visiting your centers and communities.

Ramona M. Harvey