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August 19th - E-mail sent from Ramona Harvey - ICOIL Secretary to Keith Coros - ICOIL Treasurer Subject: Re: Finance committee -- Also, don't forget
Also not forget, the finance committee needs to come up with policy and procedure on the reimbursement and compensation. According to the bylaws I should qualify for the compensation. Nancy young agreed, and at one point so did Melissa Madill, though I doubt she would say so at this point. (I have the e-mails) Typically, the compensation is $50 per day.

Again according to the bylaws I should qualify for the compensation, and the bylaws are consistent with federal law. My votes on particular issues should not play into policy. As of right now, I have been to four Council meetings, and have not received any compensation. Even though my income is negatively impacted by my participation on the Council. This does not include a to executive committee meetings in the northern part Indiana, or any of the other committee meetings, which take up a considerable amount of my time.

I do not mind volunteering as I believe this important, but my loss of income has been substantial and I cannot afford the loss. If not for the support of others. I would not be up to pay my bills. I am not being compensated for this loss of income by an employer, and I have asked for very little for myself with regards to this Council.

Like yourself I am on a relatively fixed income that has decreased because my of my participation I would appreciate it if finance committee and develop a policy by which people can access compensation. That is consistent for all Council members, and does not discriminate against anyone who's income is negatively affected. But who work for themselves. A policy also needs to be determined about paying people retroactively, as I already have attended four meetings, and others who may qualify and need the money have already attended several meetings.

Whatever the policy is, it needs to be consistent and consistently applied regardless of how people vote. I will not lie to you, I need the money... but I am not about to beg for it, or sell my vote in order to get the money. I need to be able to sleep at night, and that is more important than $50 a day. Just so you know, this would not be a pay raise. I have been paid more than that, just for presenting for an hour. The $50 a day compensation does not negate all of my volunteer work with the Council. If there is a concern about paying me for participating on the Council. Then there ought to be a concern about providing compensation for any one of us on the Council, because it would be the same thing.

Thank you, Ramona Harvey

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