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Support Changing Oppression into Empowerment

Ever wish you could make a difference, stand out in a crowd, Empower, join the empowerment campaign. Empower Yourself, Empower the world

People across the nation from are being oppressed, when they should be Empowered...

The current situation in Indiana provides a good example, but it is just an example:

In 2006-07, Vocational Rehabilitation had an overage of 4 million dollars while people with disabilities were dying on waiting list. In 2008, people with disabilities were still being disregarded, ignored, and deceived... and first amendment rights were violated just to keep a status quo. Meanwhile, people couldn't get the services they needed or even their voices heard. Now in 2009, public information requested by tax payers under the Freedom of Information Act is being openly denied so that corruption and fraud can continue unchecked. Visit the onecandream community for more information ...and the problem is it is not just happening in Indiana, but all over the country.

Onecandream understands that people matter and that we are important. We support the right for people to be able to have their voices heard, and basic needs met. We feel people need to have the opportunity to chase their dreams and avoid their nightmares. If you feel the same way join us and take part in the Empowerment Campaign.

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I Believe one can Dream
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Life can be discouraging when your struggling to make ends meet, or to get your voice heard. Sometimes, it is safer not to dream because those who dare to dream and then act on those dreams risk getting hurt.... and sometimes we have been hurt so much we forget how to dream, or even why anyone would bother. Yet our dreams give us vision of what could be, or what might be...They give us directions on what to strive for, and provide us with hope when the odds are stacked against us. But most importantly, dreams are the foundation on which reality gets built.

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