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Secretary's Chronicles

NEWS January 2009: See the http://community.onecandream.com for further info on recent ICOIL News.

NEWS November 2007: council met but did not conduct official business (lack of quorum). Most important Business apparently what conferences to send council members too. November 2007 meeting with links to audio files.

NEWS August 15: August 8, ICOIL meeting cancelled (lack of quorum). IL funding still not ICOIL business and people with disabilities are encouraged to ask questions, but not to get answers. See what happened.

June 13:

ICOILed Again: Council members vote to adopt IL plan that was developed behind closed doors, while they ignore and refuse to address official written concerns about IL Funding. Audience try to communicate with the council through song. Download lyrics here or Visit ICOIL Video Archive

May 9:

Indiana's SILC - ICOIL's Version of Empowerment: Ignore official requests, adjorn, and walk away See Blog Entry:
Empowerment or Suppression NEW APRIL 10th: ICOIL It Feels Pretty Powerless List

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Introduction -- How Onecandream was Born.

You walk into a large storage facility of some kind. There are boxes and files everywhere. Some of the boxes are labelled and some are not. There is a lot of information stored here, but it does not feel cramped or crowded in anyway. On the far side of this room there is a locked door, but for now it is probably best to explore this area before you move forward anyway.

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